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Schutzhund dogs are not all work and no play.  In fact, they have a ball every chance they get!  The Sport of Schutzhund Photo Gallery newest special exhibit presents 26 exquisite pictures of Schutzhund dogs having a ball with their favorite toy: Balls!

Balls are a great motivational tool to train Schutzhund dogs and a wonderful way to reward these dogs with a little fun after a hard day’s work. The exhibit features amusing, amazing photos of Schutzhund dogs driving balls through the snow, tugs of war, acrobatic leaps and daring catches, and how much fun one dog and one ball can have together.  Schutzhund photographers Molly Graf, Louise Jollyman, Betty Lindblom and Carolina Valenzuela contributed these high quality photos.

The Sport of Schutzhund Photo Gallery features more than 250 of the best Schutzhund photographs available. There is no charge to be included in the Gallery, and professional and serious amateur photographers are encouraged to contact me about submitting photographs.  All photos are copy / download protected.

When you get a moment, check it out and let me know what you think!

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Hello!  I am BJ Spanos, co-author and publisher of  The Sport of Schutzhund: A Photographic Essay.  I also am the curator of the Sport of Schutzhund Photo Gallery, which displays some of the best Schutzhund photography available by some of the most talented dog sport photograhers around. Within these spectacular pictures – both in the Gallery and in the book – you will find the essence of Schutzhund and the excitement and fun experienced by those involved with the sport.   Please see the Schutzhund Photo Gallery and Schutzhund Photo Essay pages to learn more about this book and the photo gallery.

The purpose of the blog is to introduce the sport to those who are unfamiliar with it and to honor Schutzhund dogs and their passionate trainers and handlers.  Our goal is to encourage both experienced and novice photographers in their efforts to photograph these marvelous dogs at work and to demonstrate the happy family life many of these dogs enjoy at home.

As there are many books, blogs, websites and other resources devoted to Schutzhund training, this blog will not talk a lot about training techniques.  Our energies will be focused (no pun intended) on photography and capturing the moments that make Schutzhund so much fun.  Some posts also will explain the three phases of Schutzhund, how to get involved in Schutzhund and how to promote the sport locally.

Please come and visit often.  Comment when you feel moved and invite your friends to join in!

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