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While we were in New Jersey, we had the pleasure of watching 7-year-old Samantha Jimenez prepare to show her dog, Hesy Naspo, at the USA Working Dog Championship. Samantha is the daughter of NE Regional Director, Pedro Jimenez, and was coached by T. Floyd, one of Schutzhund’s most successful trainers and handlers. She is clearly a part of Schutzhund’s future and did a marvelous job at the WDC event! You can view Samantha and Hesy’s obedience and protection routines on YouTube. They scored 91 in obedience and 92 in protection.

Speaking of the future of Schutzhund, T. is hosting the first annual youth Schutzhund camp at his home training facility July 8 – 11, 2010.  T. lives in Westampton, New Jersey, which conveniently located just off the New Jersey Turnpike and Rt. 295 and is only about 30 minutes from the Philadelphia airport. Handlers and helpers under the age of 18 are invited to attend (registration is free – hotel and travel are not) to learn about training, showing at trials, caring for Schutzhund dogs and making long-lasting friendships with other youth in the sport.

A SV judge will visit to talk about what judges look for on the trial field and veterinarian will discus canine health care.  And, there will be a mock trial for obedience and protection, complete with trophies and ribbons for everyone! In addition, there will be an afternoon visit to a Water Park and a cook-out with a bon fire and s’mores – YUM!  Even if youth do not have a dog they are working, T. will provide a dog for the seminar.

For  more information, visit the T. Floyd’s Youth Summer Camp 2010 web site.  Also, if you would like to sponsor the event, please contact Glyn Clayton at Glyn.Clayton@Accenture.com or T. Floyd at EastCoastk9.aol.com. Glyn also can provide you with registration forms. Spaces are limited. Deadline for registration is June 21, 2010. All youth are welcome, regardless of organization affiliation. We are pleased to be among the sponsors by donating a copy of the Sport of Schutzhund: A Photographic Essay for each participant.

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We just returned from a visit to New Jersey, also known as the Garden State, where we spent several days training Eli (Leroy v. Rietnisse) with T. Floyd.  This visit afforded me the chance to practice using a polarizer filter in a different environment than what I am used to in Georgia. They actually have thick, rich carpets of grass in New Jersey, which is great for tracking and provides photos with very rich greens. In Georgia, the grass is more sparse and only green for awhile in the spring and fall; a result of a hotter and longer summers and red clay soil.

I had better success taking pictures the day we worked on obedience in the late afternoon, as the lighting was even and I was able to shift my position relative to the sun, a key requirement in using a polarizer filter.  The day we watched others work on protection (we were there to work on tracking and obedience), the lighting shifted from clouds to sun back to clouds all afternoon, and when the sun was out, it was facing the spectators. Very tricky.  Also, as I was shooting with a Canon EF 70-200 mm 1:2.8 USM lens, I was not able to zoom across the field and capture the blind running as well as I hoped. I’ve been on a mission to capture the moment the dog crosses in front of the handler as the handler is sending the dog to the next blind. Still – I did get some really nice photos.  Here’s a few of my best shots; none have been color or exposure corrected (love it when that happens!).

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An annual ritual every spring in the south is the arrival of pine pollen.  It covers everything is a haze of yellow. On windy days, sheets of yellow can be seen floating in the air and flying off the trees.  It’s really quite impressive, although it really is quite a mess.  In honor of its arrival, I’ve dubbed our dogs – Pine Pollen Paws (P3).  Above are a couple of pictures to give you an idea.

On another note – I’m on deadline with a large work project so no new posts until the end of April.  Please check back then – and thanks for visiting!

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Just couldn’t resist posting this picture of Eli (Leroy v. Rietnisse), which I took in our backyard the other day while experimenting with the Polarizer filter.  I am delighted with the results, which required absolutely NO adjustments to color, focus or exposure.  The only changes I made were a little work with the Clone stamp to remove his fur saver collar and a blade of grass from his mouth.  The following are the photo’s technical specs: Exposure 1/640 sec at f 5.6; focal length 56 mm; ISO 640; Lens 28 – 135 mm / f 3.5 – 5.6 IS USM (the standard lens that comes with the Canon EOS 7D).

Enjoy and may you have a blessed Pascha (Easter) weekend!

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