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Merry Christmas!

This past week I watched a photography webinar offered by National Geographic in preparation for our grand adventure to Antarctica. The information offered was very helpful, but pretty basic, which is fine as the target audience is tourists, not serious amateur or professional photographers. A couple of tips, though, really will be helpful not only in Antarctica but also on the Schutzhund field.

Tip 1: When faced with a bright scene, such as a glistening Schutzhund field, adjust the exposure compensation dial to over expose the scene just a bit. This will fool your camera into darkening the scene, which will greatly help get the exposure just right. Same holds true for darker scenes, such as shadows. The rule is add light to light and dark to dark. It’s a bit counter-intuitive. Give it a try and see what happens.

Tip 2: On very cold and very hot / humid days, condensation within the camera body and lens can be a problem. On cold days, condensation can occur when you bring the camera inside from the cold. Conversely, on hot / humid days, condensation can occur when you take the camera outside from the cooler air-conditioned house or car. To keep condensation from forming, store your equipment in plastic bags and let it come to the ambient temperature before you fire it up. In other words, on a cold day, let the camera sit indoors in the camera bag for 30 minutes or so before you turn it on to check images or take photos indoors. On hot / humid days, let the camera sit for a bit to warm up before using. I use plastic bags, which really helps avoid this problem.

The webinar instructor Ralph Lee Hopkins has published a book on outdoor photography, called¬†Digital Masters: Nature Photography: Documenting the Wild World (A Lark Photography Book). It’s available on Amazon.com and looks to be an excellent resource.

Look for new posts just after the new year, including photos from our grand adventure. Until then happy shooting and best wishes for a joyous holiday season and a happy healthy new year!  Thank you for visiting!

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