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The 2011 AWDF National Championship in Bowling Green, Kentucky was a marvelous event, with more than 100 handler / dog teams competing. While I am a German Shepherd Dog enthusiast, I greatly admire the work of other breeds such as the Belgian Malinois, Rottweilers, American Bull Dogs, Giant Schnauzers and others that were represented at the AWDF this year. I must admit that when it comes to photographing Schutzhund dogs at work I have a real fondness for Mals, not because of their work, which is a joy to watch, but for the color of their coats. They always look good, regardless of the lighting, which at this year’s AWDF was a real challenge. One day cloudy, the next day a mix of sun and clouds, the final day a spit of rain here and there, sun, clouds, wind and dust. Also, the lighting changed dramatically from one side of the field to the other. Yes, a great blog topic!

In the meantime, above are some of my favorite pictures from this year’s AWDF. Next post will finish up the series on Composing the Shot, with a look at the long bite (courage test). After that, a closer look at how to meet the challenge of difficult lighting conditions and come out with great photos.

Be sure to visit Betty Lindblom’s 5 Dog Photography website to see her photos from the AWDF. She was the official event photographer, and while there were a number of photographers at the AWDF with great equipment, Betty offers a unique perspective by being on the field and have a real eye for the sport. Her photos are superb and exceptional examples of the Art of Schutzhund Photography!

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