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Recent posts have looked at different elements and issues associated with composition and exposure, both of which are critical to capturing compelling images of Schutzhund dogs (or any dog) in action. Examining specific images and considering what went into taking that image, including planning, photographing and post-processing, is the next step in putting what you may have learned from this blog and other sources into action.

Thank you Louise Jollyman and Martin Barrow of Brymwylf for being the first contributors to this series. Do you have a really great image that you’re especially proud of or you think would be especially instructive to other photographers? Then, please send it to me , along with a brief description of what went into getting the shot, with an emphasis on planning, actually taking the photograph, including lighting conditions and other challenges, and any post-processing. Please send before post-processing and after, so we all can get a sense for your process and why you made the choices you did. Send them to bj@bjspanos.com.

On to Lou and Marty’s photo of CJ and the Rag: What I really like about this photograph is the perspective, which is one I haven’t seen before; that is, taking a full frontal photo of CJ just getting ready to bite the sleeve. So, here in Lou’s own words is how she and Marty got the shot and what she did afterwards.

CJ and the Rag: Original Photo As Taken

CJ and the Rag: Edited Photo

We started out with a beautiful sunny day and thought we would try to get some shots of CJ doing some ragwork. By the time we had chosen a spot at the back of our property, a few clouds came over, so Marty took a few test shots and adjusted the F stop accordingly. Marty took the photo on his [Canon EOS] 7D, I was the “rag bearer.” I had to make sure I threw the rag in the optimal arc for the shot!  Marty set up, knelt down about 30 to 40 feet diagonally to the side of the tree which CJ was tied to. The expression and outstretched front paws is all CJ’s own special style!  The timing on the shot was a bit of luck. I think Marty took a hundred or so shots of which we kept nine. Post processing, I used Photoshop Elements, and, using the quick edit, I did a little bit with the “lighten shadows”, “darken highlights” and “midtone contrast” and also a little “sharpen.”

Camera: Canon EOS 7D
Lens: Canon EF 70-200 mm 1:2.8 L
Camera Setting: Av (aperture priority)
ISO: 640
F stop: f/4.5
Exposure 1/2000 sec

So, going back to previous discussions about composition. What do you see? For me, Lou made an excellent decision to crop in and fill the frame with CJ’s top half. If she included the entire dog, the drama would have been diminished. The short depth of field nicely blurred the background so CJ pops out of the photo. Behind CJ are two posts that frame her in the center of a “V” shape, further drawing the eye to CJ and her intense and focused eyes. The rag and and the lead it’s attached to bisect the entire image, so above the rag is CJ’s marvelous expression of determination and below the rag is her impressive body language and launch to get that rag! Nice work, Lou and Marty!

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