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Wondering why no new posts these past couple of weeks?  Don’t worry, I’ve not gone silent.  I will begin posting about Schutzhund Photography next week.  The reason there have been no new posts is we spent the past 16 days in Alaska. Wow – what a wonderful state.  Denali National Park (interior Alaska) is nothing like the Inside Passage (southeast Alaska). Each has its own beauty, animals, birds, flowers and amazing scenery.

Yes, I will post a few pictures.

The first week we were in Denali National Park, staying at the very small North Face Lodge (30 guests).  We saw Mt. McKinley (Denali) the first night; the rest of the week it was in the clouds. No sunset in Denali as it is so far north.  We hiked in sun, rain, wind and swarms of mosquitoes! Everything they say about Alaska mosquitoes is true!

During the second week, we were aboard the Lindblad / National Geographic Sea Lion (62 guests). We traveled up and down the Inside Passage, including stops at Dawes Glacier, which was calving at the time.  We saw a huge piece of ice fall and create a gigantic ice berg.  We also saw many humpback whales, including one that breached (leaped out of the water) right in front of my eyes! and bald eagles.  Amazing creatures.  As the ship was rather small, we could get up close and personal with the coastline and glaciers.  The ship also relies on Zodiac vessels to transport guests to the shore for hiking and kayaking and rides along the shore.  We took a Zodiac ride up close to where many Stellar sea lions were hanging out – amazing.  On the way, we saw some 20 bald eagles hunting for fish right above our heads!  We also took a ski plane ride over a glacier near Petersburg, Alaska.

During the two weeks, we saw brown bears, Caribou, Dall sheep, golden eagles, ground squirrels, a red fox, harbor seals, mooses and calves, mountain goats and kids, Dall porpoise, ravens, sea otters, snowshoe  hares, Stellar seal lions, Puffins, hawks, Peregrine falcons, owls, several  types of loons, ducks and gulls, and Cormorants.   I’m sure there are more species of birds, but we can’t remember.  We also learned a great deal about the wild flowers in Denali National Park. The naturalists there get very excited about itsy bitsy wild flowers, which brings up some interesting thoughts about macro photography.  Stay tuned for more!

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