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I am delighted to announce that our five-year old male, German Shepherd, Leroy v. Rietnisse (call name Eli), has earned his second SchH 3 title.  He also “V’d” protection, with a score of 97. You can view his protection routine on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7J8PN9dX7A

The Raleigh Schutzhund Association in Bahama, NC offered wonderful southern hospitality, encouragement and assistance to all competitors.  We extend our thanks and appreciation to the club, its members and to SV Judge Hans Schultz.

I did take a few pictures, including experimenting with a polarizing filter to reduce the glare on the field.  I think it helped the pictures, especially when my back was to the sun. The colors are richer, less washed out.  I had to bump up the ISO a good bit to get a proper exposure, although I could have adjusted the aperture.  The filter is a HOYA Pro 1 Digital Filter – Circular PL. I will post some pictures in a later entry and have more to say about this filter as I gain more experience with it. With the weather FINALLY getting warmer and clearer, I hope to get back to some serious shooting.

Stay tuned…and thanks for visiting!

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